Jig away the Donkey  

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3) Bold Doherty Song 

6) Farewell Dear Erin    Song 

7) My mind will never be Aisy / The Piper's Maggot / The Whinny Hills of Leitrim     Slip jigs

8)The Maids of Mullagh / The Mohill Reel   Reels 

9) Bonny wee Charlie    Song 

10) The Flowing Tide / The Man from Newry / The Boys of Blue Hill    Hornpipes

11) The Boys of 25 / Mick's Jig away the Donkey / O'Connell's   Reels 

12)The Holland Hankerchief   Song 

13) Traynor's Rambles / The Rock Reel / Eddie's Jig Away the Donkey   Reels