CD Introduction

The music of south Ulster is a wonderfully distinctive set of accents, styles, sounds and customs which greatly enhance the traditional music spectrum in Ireland.  Much of it has been in constant use through the revival years since the 1950s, but discreetly so, for it has not had the cause or the occasion to trumpet its existence. Its striking palette of colours and textures has, however, been well documented - recorded and passed down by local folklorists, collectors and musicians who were aware of the value of local culture.  From south Armagh to south Donegal there are many discrete pockets where this music simply continues to be part of living. Elements of it too have surfaced too in the mouths and fingers of professional players; such is Dúlamán, the Co. Louth song made iconic by Clannad.

 Musicians of the area in recent years have become more acutely appreciative of this song, music and dance body, as they develop their repertoires with melody and imagery which was once so familiar to their predecessors.

 In this album, Gerry, Martin and Gabriel present a celebration of carefully chosen elements of the South Ulster heritage. The recording invokes the charm and ease of past aesthetic geniuses whose sounds still today have challenge, meaning and artistic satisfaction for audiences in the 21st century.

Fintan Vallely Editor Companion to Irish Traditional Music, 2011